speed up PC: disable irrelevant processes

1. search indexing disabling
computer (right click),  manage, services & apps, services, windows search,  (right click), props, start up type (click drop down), disable, apply

2. aero disabling
desktop, (right click), personalize, window color, uncheck transparency box, open classic appearance, apply casual normal theme

3. disabling unwanted visual effects
computer (right click), props, menu (right click), advanced system sett, system props window, advanced tab, performance, settings, custom, untick all except the last 4, untick second from last 4, log off, log on

4. print spooler disabling

5. UAC disabling, never notify, reboot

6. ready boost flashdrive set up
computer, right click flash, ready boost, use this device, configure what space on flash to use as RAM

7. turn off unused features
programs & features (control panel), click turn windows features on or off, left pane, uncheck all features you don’t use, restart PC

8. disabling sidebar & gadgets

9. disabling aero peek & aero snap

10. change power plan to max performance

11. disable thumbnail preview feature
computer (double click), organise, drop down menu, folder & search options, files & folders section, view (tab), always show icons never thumbnails

**turn off password protection
***disable unwanted system sounds : run (windows tr) , mmsys. cpl, enter, sounds tab, sound scheme, no sounds, apply, ok

“Paper camera”‘s quite ‘catchy’. Étụ, ósi emé foto, hmm…..

Each time i snap a pic with paper camera app on android  it gives, a unique feeling about sketches. The era before all these tech advancements, sketches, drawings, & more hand driven pics ruled. Teknizu, éwerụ-gó ánya ónyé ọbuná. Truly the developers have actually given adobe, a ‘run for the cash’. Truly one of the several unique apps on android.


Christmas 2012. Kérèsimése

This period brought with it, controversies surrounding the mayan calendar, & end time stories. But the real question is; why should individuals, fear the end?. Death, is an inevitable human process. Of course we all have processes we are engaged in, obviously “fear”, is the main reason. Ógé ga érụ, ónyé, ọbuná ga ánwụ, ífé dị-mkpá, bu ka ányì bi ṅdụ ányì, ka Chineke si chọ.

Merry xmas, every1

Israeli/Arab conflict. Ésemókụ ṅdị Israel na Arabs

For years, the israeli/arab conflict, has waged on, without a valid solution. Ọdiká, ésemókụ ṅdiá, si mbịdó ụwá. The UN recently upgraded the palestinian status, a positive disposition for the arabs, but in reality, will this solve the problem or escalate issues?. Ṅká ówériké ịkwusi, ṅsógbu, di?. The israelis have refused bending towards world pressure, to stop developing the land in contention. Ṅdị UN ágwagó, ṅdị israel, ka-fa kwụsi, ịru ụlọ na ala, fa, ṅdị arab chọrị, ịzúlú. But the most paramount question, which no side has ever responded to is; who exactly owns this land in ‘contention’, does it belong to the arabs or the jews? Na fa ábụọ, kedụ ónyé, we óbélé alà, fa na-àzọ?. We hope, this century, will put an end to this ‘squabble’ for that tiny land close to the sea. I attached an image for the reader to grasp the concept of this discussion. Fótó á, ga égósi, ụnụ, ála nịné ṅdị arab ji, maná ózurọ fa, fa chọrị ináputá, ṅdị jews, nké óbélé fa ji éji. Lets omit bias, & employ valid reasoning.


Middle East

Essence of humility. Ómumé dịmmá

With world population exceeding 6 billion, we still encounter proud unruly, individuals who seek, to dehumanize other individuals. Ṅdị wéru ómumé jọlu ṅjọ. Does our humility depict servility? Or weakness? Ómumé à, ọná emé ka ányí, di-ká ónụkụ? Why do we belittle ourselves, ‘all in a bid’ to make others look good? In my opinion, it’s an embarrasing act. We must 1st learn to appreciate ourselves, in order to be appreciated by society. Kwá-yélú ónwé gi, ugu, ka ṅdị ọzọ, merụ gi ṅkà. The question in summary is; what’s the thin line btw humility & pride?????