unfounded bigotry

i noticed people from western nigeria are quite upset bcus the easterners are equating Ojukwu with Mandela. in my opinion, this anger is based on jealous bigotry. if people equate or relate their ideologies, jealousy shouldn’t be an issue.
there is freedom of speech. most times the irony is: certain humans behave like the folks they despise (unknowingly), rather than those they revere.
food for thought!!
Gen Ojukwu was a great man, so was awo, respect your own. no one is interested in insulting yours.
i assure you all, jealousy is a terrible vice. its wise to avoid people who indulge in such.

speed up PC: disable irrelevant processes

1. search indexing disabling
computer (right click),  manage, services & apps, services, windows search,  (right click), props, start up type (click drop down), disable, apply

2. aero disabling
desktop, (right click), personalize, window color, uncheck transparency box, open classic appearance, apply casual normal theme

3. disabling unwanted visual effects
computer (right click), props, menu (right click), advanced system sett, system props window, advanced tab, performance, settings, custom, untick all except the last 4, untick second from last 4, log off, log on

4. print spooler disabling

5. UAC disabling, never notify, reboot

6. ready boost flashdrive set up
computer, right click flash, ready boost, use this device, configure what space on flash to use as RAM

7. turn off unused features
programs & features (control panel), click turn windows features on or off, left pane, uncheck all features you don’t use, restart PC

8. disabling sidebar & gadgets

9. disabling aero peek & aero snap

10. change power plan to max performance

11. disable thumbnail preview feature
computer (double click), organise, drop down menu, folder & search options, files & folders section, view (tab), always show icons never thumbnails

**turn off password protection
***disable unwanted system sounds : run (windows tr) , mmsys. cpl, enter, sounds tab, sound scheme, no sounds, apply, ok

Hypocrisy amongst nigerian politicians

Its quite embarrasing, to see/read certain politicians/articles. The northern politicians should grow up. Nigeria has evolved beyond their slogan, “born to rule”. The south is evolving at a fast pace, even their son dangote, makes more investments in the south, than amongst his northern brothers, he realised, their savagery, “knows no, bounds”. The country nigeria sincerely needs a ‘ ‘constitutional review’. I believe every region should decide their existence & return to the centre with a quota  of their laws, findings & more. When will the northerners, “grow up, to face reality”, i have always wondered. Nigeria is a country of several mixed tribes, languages, religion & more. The islamic northern barbarians cant continue to rule forcefully, éziókwụ, ózugó. Every constituency, local govt.., individual, state or community in nigeria should all institute a much awaited dialogue, to decide “the way forward”.

“Paper camera”‘s quite ‘catchy’. Étụ, ósi emé foto, hmm…..

Each time i snap a pic with paper camera app on android  it gives, a unique feeling about sketches. The era before all these tech advancements, sketches, drawings, & more hand driven pics ruled. Teknizu, éwerụ-gó ánya ónyé ọbuná. Truly the developers have actually given adobe, a ‘run for the cash’. Truly one of the several unique apps on android.


Christmas 2012. Kérèsimése

This period brought with it, controversies surrounding the mayan calendar, & end time stories. But the real question is; why should individuals, fear the end?. Death, is an inevitable human process. Of course we all have processes we are engaged in, obviously “fear”, is the main reason. Ógé ga érụ, ónyé, ọbuná ga ánwụ, ífé dị-mkpá, bu ka ányì bi ṅdụ ányì, ka Chineke si chọ.

Merry xmas, every1